Our philosophy and approach considers each organization as special and unique. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a sustainable workforce. That's why we offer a variety of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and ensure you find and retain the type of employees needed to fulfill your mission.

Our team will evaluate your current recruitment and hiring practices and provide a comprehensive analysis. In our assessments, you will receive an analysis of the current recruitment and employment processes. This review highlights the strengths and areas of opportunities.

Our detailed recommendations will describe your organization's current strengths and good practices that should be maintained and exploited.

We'll identify opportunities and specific areas of needed process improvements, and recommend changes, including performance metrics for accountability and results.

Finally, we'll provide a specific roadmap and blueprint for process improvement recommendations.

In our partnerships, all recruitment efforts are executed under your organization's own employer brand. This type of partnership allows you to leverage Eklego's expertise and infrastructure (People, Process, Tools, Communication) to execute:

Sourcing strategy

Implementation of an applicant tracking system


Candidate pre-screening and phone screens

Interview scheduling

Reference Checks

Performance metrics and analytics

All while enhancing your market presence at a fixed monthly fee.

Through a collaborative approach, Eklego provides a scalable recruitment model that gives your organization a competitive advantage to find, hire, and keep top talent while reducing your overall workforce expenditures.

Our model is proven, simple, and performance based.

Eklego partners with your organization to provide the right solution.

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