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Ek·leg·o / ĕk-lĕg-ō /

  1. verb, classical Greek, to choose someone from a group and bestow upon them a special honor or privileged responsibility.
  2. proper noun, a modern Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm focused on helping mission-minded organizations attract, hire, and engage its greatest assets — its people.

Choosing the Best

Eklego Workforce derives its name from the Greek word for "chosen". We strive to support leaders of senior care by helping build, sustain and grow their workforce. We find top candidates for organizations, providing them with the opportunity to choose an individual that possesses the right skills, attitude, passion, and culture fit.

Attract Hire Engage

The demand for Senior Care is rising. In fact, 1 in 4 jobs will be in healthcare by the year 2024*. Now more than ever, providers need to attract and maintain a workforce of skilled, motivated, and passionate caregivers to serve a continuously aging population. Lowering vacancy rates is our top priority.

* According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Our Unique Approach

We've filled over 25,000 jobs for our clients. Eklego's focus and experience gives us a quicker and deeper understanding of our candidates' and clients' needs, resulting in our partnerships outperforming industry standards in vacancy, time to fill, and turnover/quality of hire.

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