We start by taking the time to learn about you. Then, we match you with a job that fits your work style and personality. It's really that simple.
Best of all, our service is free and confidential.

Fill out a short questionnaire and then we'll follow up to learn more about you. As part of the learning process, we'll learn about whether you're looking for a job right away, or if you want to be notified when new opportunities that may interest you come up. We'll be ready to help you find your match no matter what your timeline looks like.

After we've gotten to know you a little better, we combine that new knowledge with our insights on local senior care organizations-and the specific job opportunities available-to make the best match.

Eklego continuously has a wide range of job opportunities available, so if you decide to meet with an employer, we'll set up your interview with their hiring manager shortly after you contact us. Of course, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop along the way too.

Eklego is not a staffing agency. So you'll be hired directly by your new employer.

Your satisfaction is important to us. So we'll check in periodically to make sure everything is going well.